Test Marketing of Alcohol Metabolic Capacity Measuring Device Launched

We have started trial marketing of an alcohol metabolic capacity measuring device, for preemptive medicine research among others at academic and research institutions. General sales is scheduled for 2017 or later. This device enables measurement of alcohol metabolic capacity by using the concentration ratio of acetaldehyde and ethanol (A/E ratio) in expiration after intake of trace amounts of alcohol. The measuring device was jointly developed with Professor Manabu Muto, chair of Therapeutic Oncology in the Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine Kyoto University.


Product Specifications

Detection method:      Gas chromatography using a semiconductor gas sensor for the detector
Subject of detection:   End-tidal air collected in a special gas bag 
                                   immediately after intake of inspection water (100 cc of 0.5% alcohol)
Measurement result:  "Concentrations" and "concentration ratio" of acetaldehyde and ethanol
Use of results:            Quantification and monitoring of alcohol metabolic capacity
Power supply:             100V AC